Afternoon Tea Menu

£15.00 Minmum 4 people

Our afternoon tea service includes beautifully cut finger sandwiches that look and taste wonderful. We use very soft white bread and wholemeal bread and then cut off all the crusts and carefully cut and prepare our finger sandwiches on platters.

Our fillings consist of;

 • Plain Smoked Salmon with Cream Cheese

•  Plain British Ham and Mustard

•  Cucumber and Mint

•  Mild Cheddar

•  Egg Mayonnaise and Mustard Cress


Beautifuly fresh scones with juicy sultanas are cut and prepared for you to spread the finest strawberry jam,  clotted cream and finally a beautiful assortment of our chef’s miniature finger pastries and deliciously sweet mini bites and chocolate covered strawberrys.


All you have to do is add the guests and make the tea 


Price includes delivery 


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